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Balm Beach Cottage Rentals

Balm Beach cottage rentals If relaxing on a nice hot sandy beach sounds good, Balm beach cottage rentals are an excellent choice to for a holiday. These beautiful cottages for rent are located on the southern point of Georgian Bay centered between Nottawasaga Bay and Severn Sound in Balm Beach in the township of Tiny Ontario.

Watch the water, admire the surroundings and enjoy your visit. You can rent a cottage in Balm Beach for the weekend, a week or even a month. Unit sizes include (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 person cottages); Enough for the entire family or a romantic getaway for two. You can also accommodate more people with a tent in the backyard.


Featured Balm Beach Cottage Rentals:

There are many available balm beach cottage rentals to chose from. Each with its own decor and view. If you have stayed at Balm Beach before, you know what we mean. It's a great place to visit.

We have selected some of the best cottages for rent in Balm Beach where you can have a great holiday getaway. Select from a wide range of cabins, resorts, lodges, chalets and cottages. Start your search and find cottage rentals in Balm Beach here:

1985 Tiny Beaches Rd. S. - Elmvale, ON | Tel# 705-361-1461

1064 Tiny Beaches Rd South - Bluewater Beach, ON |
Tel# 705-361-0361

117 Port Severn Rd. - Port Severn, ON | Tel# 705-538-2527

93 Port Severn Rd. E. - Port Severn, ON | Tel# 705-538-2502

PO Box 76 - Port Severn, ON | Tel# 705-538-2180

RR 1 - Seabright, ON | Tel# 705-883-2400

169 Mosley - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-2914

611 Tiny Beaches Road S. - Perkinsfield, ON | Tel# 705-361-2233


Why Chose Balm Beach Cottage Rentals For a Vacation?

There are many reasons why Balm Beach cottage rentals are an excellent choice for your vacation. They offer excellent amenities and have top quality accommodations. Surrounded by other townships there are many activities to make your stay at Balm Beach one to remember.

Covered with white sand beach front and clear blue water, the scenery in the town of Balm Beach Ontario Canada is breath taking. Combine that with great people, wonderful activities and all day fun to understand why cottages for rent in Balm Beach are popular with cottage goers.


Available Balm Beach Cottage Rentals

Balm Beach cottages for rent There are many vacant Balm Beach cottage rentals available. Monday to Sunday 7 days a week - all year round (spring, winter, fall and summer cottage rentals).

Reservations should be made in advanced when renting a cottage at Balm Beach. As well, deposit is usually required. Especially for holiday long weekend cottage rentals in Balm Beach. Cottage rental units can become booked in these times so it is advised to book your cottage in advance.

We are sure that you will enjoy your stay while chosing Balm Beach cottage rentals for your holiday vacation getaway this season.