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Grand Bend Cottage Rentals

When it's time to get away, Grand Bend Grand Bend cottage rentalscottage rentals will provide excellent accommodations for your holiday. With a prime beach front, beautiful scenery and thriving town; It's a great choice when you need a getaway vacation. For those who love to watch the sun set from a sandy beach, this is the place to take your trip.


Located in southern Ontario, aside lake Huron, there are plenty of stores, restaurants and shopping for a jam packed retreat. Grand Bend Ontario is also known for its beautiful waterfront and beach area.


Featured Grand Bend Cottages for Rent

Grand Bend cottages for rentIf you want to avoid hotels and are looking for cottages for rent in Grand Bend, you are sure to find wonderful accommodations.

With activities ranging from water sports, boat rides, night clubs and beach volleyball; You will never want your getaway to end.


Browse our featured list of Grand Bend cottages for rent by owner:

8 Queens Ave. - Grand Bend, ON | Tel# 519-238-2501

10054 Jennison Cres., RR 2 - Grand Bend, ON | Tel# 519-238-1114

236 Ontario St. S. - Grand Bend, ON | Tel# 519-238-2081

9 Shady Lane - Grand Bend, ON | Tel# 519-238-2008

10337 Christie Blvd. - Grand Bend, ON | Tel# 519-671-2201

46 Hill Street - Grand Bend, ON | Tel# 519-238-5572



(end of featured Grand Bend cottage rentals)


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Affordable Cottages for Rent in Grand Bend, ON

The available cottages for rent in Grand Bend Ontario aren't only beautiful, they are also very affordable, unlike the cost of other vacation cottages for rent in Grand Benddestinations. When you consider just how much you get, including top amenities and local attractions; The price of cottage rentals Grand Bend offers is more than fair, it's a vacationers dream.

When you want to relax, a Motel or Hotel just doesn't cut it. Many people want to stay in a home away from home on their trip, that's why they chose to rent a cottage. Private cottage rentals and weekend cottage rentals are the most popular because they offer a sense of privacy and comfort that a Motel or Hotel can't. So, unless you are planning to stay during the week, you should book your cottage right away.

Always remember, try not to make last minute cottage rentals when scheduling your holiday. If the weather is nice, the large amount of Grand Bend cottage rentals may or may not have any vacancies. And that can put a damper on any holiday.