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Muskoka Cottage Rentals

There are several Muskoka cottage rentals available throughout the year, offering top Muskoka cottage rentalsquality accommodations for any type of holiday vacation getaway. Enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping and more during the summer. Winter fun includes skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and snow shoeing. Or, just stay indoors and relax.


Known as "cottage country" the district of Muskoka Ontario Canada has over 100,000 seasonal property owners, which makes finding a cottage for rent simple all year round. Stay for a week, a month or enjoy weekend cottage rentals in Ontario's favorite vacation spot.

cottage rentals Muskoka Ontario

Featured Cottage Rentals in Muskoka, ON Canada

From private and spacious cabins to quiet and cozy cottages, Muskoka has many lodges, resorts and vacation spots for the perfect getaway.


The following is a list of Muskoka cottages for rent by owner:

100 Glenrock Rd. - Sturgeon Falls, ON | Tel# 705-753-2150

1150 Maebar Rd. - Minden, ON | Tel# 705-489-3739

RR 2 - Bobcaygeon, ON | Tel# 705-738-2611

447 Selena Dr. - Sprucedale, ON | Tel# 705-636-9505

RR 1 - Callander, ON, | Tel# 705-752-3558

1371 Foreman Rd. - Port Carling, ON | Tel# 705-765-5279

422 Long Beach Rd. - Cameron, ON | Tel# 705-359-1421

Sunset Lan - Honey Harbour, ON | Tel# 705-756-5803

9715 Morning Glory Rd. - Pefferlaw, ON | Tel# 705-437-1634


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Cottages for Rent in Muskoka For a Great Holiday

cottages for rent in MuskokaEach and every year, Muskoka cottage rentals bring joy to vacationers from around the world. It's hard to forget such a beautiful place and even harder when your holiday accommodations are everything you dreamed. That's why people come back multiple times each year.

When looking for cottages for rent in Muskoka, it is important that you plan your trip properly. Mixing up reservations and stay dates when you book can be a real nightmare. Especially with private cottage rentals in Ontario. So, make sure that you not only call ahead of time to ensure your rental but, it is also important that you call to confirm a few days before your vacation date to avoid mix ups and even losing your deposit.

Last but not least, remember to pack everything you need and double check before you take your trip. You don't want to forget anything that can ruin your holiday. As well, make sure you bring any paper work, rental contracts and identification to ensure a smooth Muskoka cottage rentals getaway vacation.