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Sauble Beach Cottage Rentals

Stay at the finest Sauble Beach cottage rentals for your holiday getaway. One of Sauble Beach cottage rentalsOntario's favorite places for tourists looking for a great vacation spot.

Perfect for a short or extended stay, there is plenty to do while on your trip. Nestled on the eastern shore of lake Huron, Sauble Beach Ontario holds the second place title for being the world's longest beach of fresh water.


The township offers fun activities for everyone such as golf courses, windsurfing, water skiing, paintball, cross country skiing, swimming, beach sports and many other recreational events.


Featured Sauble Beach Cottages for Rent

Sauble Beach cottages for rentNot too many vacationers have ever heard about Sauble Beach, let alone their quality cottages for rent. For those that have had the pleasure of staying there, they understand just how great of a place it is.

Its sandy beach, natural surroundings and local attractions make for a beautiful vacation spot any time of the year (Summer, Fall, Winter). For weekend cottage rentals in Ontario, Sauble holds its own as one of the best. With the cottages on third ave accomodating up to 10 people with large 4 bedroom cottage units.


Browse the featured list of Sauble Beach cottages for rent by owner:

111 2nd Ave. North - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-3552

114 2nd Ave. N. - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-2059

10 3rd Ave. North - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-1692

21 1st Ave. South - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-3274

319 Main St. - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-1102

1225 Sauble Falls Rd. - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-1780

107 2nd St. North - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 519-422-1462

1151 2nd Ave. South - Sauble Beach, ON | Tel# 866-367-7431

(end of featured Sauble Beach cottage rentals)


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Available Cottages for rent in Sauble Beach Are Spectacular

cottages for rent in Sauble Beach ONMany vacationers feel that the cottages for rent in Sauble Beach are spectacular. With so many people making Sauble their primary holiday destination, that goes without saying. Even some of the top resorts can't offer the beautiful views and amenities that the cottage rentals in Sauble Beach offer their tourists. As well, it is perfect for weekday, weekend and last minute cottage rentals in Ontario when you need them.

Chose from 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom cottage rentals. You can even find accommodations to sleep up to 12 people.

Cook your meals in the fully equipped kitchen or on the barbeque. You can also go out to the local restaurants for something different.

If it's time for you to get out of the city and take a trip, Sauble Beach cottage rentals are the way to go. Come on down and give us a try for your next holiday for the best time ever.