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Wasaga Beach Cottage Rentals

Each year thousands of Wasaga Beach cottage rentalsvacationers look to Wasaga Beach cottage rentals for their holiday getaway. Stay overnight, for the weekend or for months at a time at this well known vacation spot.


There is so much to do in the town of Wasaga Beach that you will never want to leave. Known as one of the largest fresh water beaches in the world, those that love the water will have no shortage of spaces to relax and enjoy the scenery. However, the cottage rentals Wasaga Beach offers its tourists are some of the best accommodations in the area.

Featured Cottages for Rent in Wasaga Beach Ontario

cottages for rent in Wasaga BeachFrom beach front cottages to cabins and bungalows, there are several places to spend the night in Wasaga's beautiful township. Find both private cottage rentals and weekend cottage rentals Ontario wide. Even find last minute cottage rentals for your spur of the moment trip.

Each with its own unique touch, you will marvel at the beauty in Wasaga. It is truly a one of a kind place for a vacation getaway.


The following is our featured list of cottage rentals in Wasaga Beach by owner:

55 22nd St. North - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-4008

11 12th St. North - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-6529

1985 Tiny Beaches Road S. - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-361-1461

322 Shore Lane - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-1576

1600 Mosley St. - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-3643

459 Mosley St. - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-2420

28 River Avenue Cres. - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-351-8024

119 29th St. North - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-7257

725 River Road East - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-6264

88 Main St. - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-2543

328 Coastline Dr. - Wasaga Beach, ON | Tel# 705-429-7929

(end of Wasaga Beach cottage rentals featured list)


Cottage Rentals near Wasaga Beach ON



The Cottage Rentals Wasaga Beach Offers Are Amazing

cottage rentals Wasaga Beach ONMost people feel that the cottage rentals Wasaga Beach provides are simply amazing compared to other beaches in Canada. The affordability, accommodations, amenities, location and atmosphere all play a role in making it such a wonderful place to getaway from it all and spend a much needed vacation.

Wasaga is a huge tourist location with people from all around coming to visit, even if only for the day. For those that want to stay overnight or for an extended period of time, cottage rentals in Wasaga Beach are the preferred choice over hotels and camping facilities.

Wasaga Beach OntarioThere are no shortage of activities while on your trip in Wasaga. Take part in everything from swimming, mini golf, go carts, camping, restaurants, night clubs and special events during the summer months. In the winter time you can try skiing and other snow filled recreations to have lots of fun.

The next time you are wondering where to take your holiday getaway vacation, consider Wasaga Beach cottage rentals in Ontario for a guaranteed good time.